Alita photos

It's been a week since I returned home and I already miss Marcus and Alita a lot. We had a wonderful time together, maybe the most wonderful ever - together with Patagonia and NZ south island. I can only recommend New Caledonia, which to me is the most beautiful paradise in the south sea. I was really impressed. Its only downside is that it is cool in the winter, which is the main travelling time there. When we were there it was great. 
I will always carry wonderful memories of New Cal in my heart. 

I just stumbled across some pictures that a crew member of the Sailing Vessel Huck took when we sailed together at Great Barrier Island / New Zealand. Lovely sailing pictures with our new dodger. At the same time I was shooting pictures of them. 

Marcus and his current crew are just about now leaving New Caledonia to sail to New Zealand. It's a very clam weather window, I hope they don't have to motor so much. Good luck!