New Alita

It's been a tough two weeks with long working days, but now we're mostly done. Alita is more beautiful than ever. The super painting job ob the deck that Marcus did with Daemon here at Norsand, our new fake trak deck (Permatek), the new interior that's makes us think the sun is always shining. And of course the Antifouling that Marcus put on which hopefully lasts for the next two years. All of this stuff handmade in long hours and hand-put-on!

Big thanks to RoSch Yachts in Hamburg Germany for the super production of the Permatek deck according to my master plan and for going through the hassle of sending it here with the glue. It worked out well even though you had never seen Alita in person - only photos with the master on and measurements. We already love our new deck!

Last but not least we put the new name sticker on Alita- the old one had to come off due to the paint job.

Now my friends an christmas can come! Happy 4th of advent!

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