We are in Hao right now (arrived the day before yesterday evening), will move on then to the next atoll early tomorrow morning. Here in Hao we have the luxury of being in a protected harbour, where we can actually set foot on land directly from the boat. I love it, unfortunately my boys don't. We're 5 boats here right now and we held a pier party yesterday. Guy managed to find wood and stuff for a fire and we made a BBQ on the outside pier. All of us brought a little side dish (salads and I made a pizza). That was a lot of fun. A local guy, the cousin of the major of Amanu, has this week off and somehow spends most of his time at the harbour or area. He knows all the boats and the people on it. I gave us the honour to be part of the party. He turned out to be a wonderful musician. With the guitar from our boat he made wondeful polynesian music. I had brought our harp and joined in with playing, which ended up being a lot of fun. I start to be able to mostly understand the harmoies of the songs so I can play along even without knowing them. Not perfect, but we loved it. Most of the time I sang with him. What fun. Sorry to all the sailors, that I did not take part of the conversations but stayed in the background making music. Only the norwegian guy, who is sailing alone, sat beside us all the time, looked into the stars end enjoyed the music as much as we did. A lovely evening.

I promised some pictures of the last couple of weeks. Here are some pictures of our time in Amanu.


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