The last day

The last day has started, the computer says 12 more hours to go if we continue at the same speed, which right now mostly is at least 7 knots. That would mean we have to SLOW down (!) soon in order not to arrive too early (before sunrise). We need to slow down 3 hours. We're now at position 02°44,'S and 031°13,1'W travelling course 230 at 8,6 knots with 16 knots wind from the side. The waves have gotten bigger now, it feels like being in a speed boat. Please pray they let us anchor at the island, I need the rest and to be able to stand straight without the continuous push to the side. We will let you know when we're there...By the way, I really feel it's winter here. It's a lot cooler than 2 days ago.

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4 Kommentare:

  1. I simply can't wait to hear "I am walking on land!" I admire your courage and patience!
    And I'm SO happy you're almost there...prayer works!

  2. What a phenomenal adventure you’re having! My sea going experiences have been on much larger craft with USN serial numbers, but I can well imagine the difficulties of cramped quarters and having to walk at an angle for days on end. Still, you are having an adventure denied to almost everyone; I know you’ll rejoice in that. I admire your courage.

    —Z’s Friend

  3. Jetzt sinds 12 Stunden später und immer noch kein "Land in Sicht"??? Hoffenlicht kommt die Meldung bald - und vor allem auch, dass sie Euch ankern lassen. Drück die Daumen!!!

  4. @ Mustang: Thank you for your nice comment. I always wonder how it would be on a bigger craft, as you were on. The problem really is, that you have nowhere to go. All you can do is sit, ly down, or cook in the kitchen. Your acting space are 20ft. And the muscels don't like that. Everytime after a long trip you start learning to walk again....But being on the ocean an seeing the world from there is beautiful and as you say, many people dream about it, only few get to do it. So I am grateful.
    If you're anywhere near our route, you're welcome to stop by. ...
    All the best to you, Michaela