Island Ferndando de Noronha

So we finally did arrive this morning at 9am UTC = 6am brazilian time. We "celebrated" first by jumping into the water and second with a nice breakfast. Then we packed our stuff and went to the land with the Dinghi where our first stop was the "harbour" office. Since we had to do our immigration they called the national police in. Seems like not too many people come here by boat. All the guys were brought here from town just to do paperwork with us. We had to fill out papers three times. Everyone was soo nice though, they even offered coffee while we waited for the next officers to come. Then we walked to the next town over the hill trying to get money from the machine or get it changed. Well, we ended up getting some money at the airport (me) and changing in the evening ( Marcus). Eva was not lucky so far in retreiving cash. We spent most of the afternoon at the most beautiful beach. This island is extremely beautiful, my favourite so far, cause it has beautiful bays, great for swimming and snorkling, low waves and it's GREEN! Beautiful trees, beautiful palmtrees, natural water running down (they even have a shower at the beach with natural wateer coming down from the hill), very nice people, a lot clenaer and more developed than Cape Verde, and yet VERY quiet, very exclusive. Love it here. Had our sunset drink above the beach in a bar/restaurant, We celebrated our crossing of the Atlantic with a Pina Colada. Now we're TIRED and go to bed....
We can't access internet here, so too bad we can't send pictures at the moment. Maybe we will be able to solve that, but it does not look like it. On friday early in the morning we'll continue our journey towards Brazil mainland. WE could stay here forever ( I could), but it's very expensive (Tax = $15 for the boat /day and $50 / person/day just to be able to visit here!), but it's worth it. Sorry you can't see paradise right now....

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  1. Hurra!!! Ihr habt es geschafft!!! Bin ich froh, das zu lesen! Viel Spaß nun in und um Brasilien - freu mich wie immer auf weitere Berichte. Liebe Grüße aus Muc.