Seet the sails again

This morning at 7.30 local time we set the sails to take off towards the Brazilian coast to finish our Atlantic crossing. The stop over was very beautiful and we all enjoyed it. The short description of the island of Fernando de Noronha is beautiful, green, peaceful, expensive, exclusive Natural Preserve area with extremely lovely and nice inhabitants at land (people) and in the waters (dolphins, turtles and fish). The highlight was yesterday morning and today morning: Dolphins came into the bay near the harbour, we could see them from our boat lying at anchor. Yesterday we took the Dinghi and drove over to them. There were hundreds of them around us, mostly swimming, some jumpong around. One jumped right next to our Dinghi, I thought we would all be soaking wet from the splash when he lands, but he landed gracefully. Once we speeded up and they came to swim infront of us, they love to play with driving boats. It's hard to express the beautiful feeling that we had when w were amongst them when we had the motor od the Dinghi off and it was so peaceful. This morning we just watched them during our breakfast, they were pretty close. And we drove by them when we left, they had come to say good-bye. Sooooooo cute I almost got a heart-attack yesterday being amongst them....We're having a wind of 5Bft (averaging at 21 knots) and go against the wave, so it's a rought ride for those 2 days til we reach the harbour. We'll hit the land at Cabedelo and then drive into the river towards Joao Pessoa, stopping at the harbour Jacré village, where we'll most probably stay for 3 weeks. They have showers and a pool there which we can use, it seems to be a vacation resort. What we need most urgently is washing machine. And the internet so I can post pictures.
Now at position 04°23,3'S and 033°10.3'W, course 230 at around 6 knots.

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2 Kommentare:

  1. I can imagine your delight at all the dolphins dancing around you and welcoming you to South America! So glad all is going well.......
    can't wait to see more pictures.
    Good luck finding a washing machine; it will feel good to get all that stuff washed, won't it.

    All good here but VERY hot for a change...starting to cool this week...School is going well.

    Happy sails ...BON VOYAGE...xxx me

  2. Dolphins are really amazing creatures. I once met them while diving. And I am a big fan of Rick O'Barry's effort to set them free all over the world.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures
    and good luck for the next trip segment.