Calm seas

Today, sunday august 5th, 2012, the weather is calm. The wind keeps changing direction (not as bad though today as the last days) so it's still hard for us to follow our route. We still have to cross against the wind to get into the direction we want to go. We're about 1,5 days behind schedule. Marcus said 9 days, I said 11, we'll see. At least most of today we're mostly going kind of the direction we need, around 194 course over ground (COG). Our current postition is 08°33,4'N and 023°42,2'W. Crew is well up. Nothing exciting happening besides yellow algea/ seagrass passing by and the evening rain about to come. Have a great evening.

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1 Kommentar:

  1. Gut zu lesen, dass sich das Wetter beruhigt hat! Ich hatte es in Marcus' Blog schon geschrieben, dass ich heilfroh bin, wenn ich dann mal lesen kann, dass Ihr gesund & munter über den großen Teil gekommen seid! Alles Liebe & Gute weiterhin! Paßt auf Euch auf!