Today, August 7th, 2012, we had the most beautiful sunset of this trip. Again we did not see the sun til the end but almost. In the afternoon the clouds come up and bring back down what had gone up during the day. We're now in position 05°26,8'N and 025°14,4'W at 1953 UTC.
Ever since I set the sails yesteday morning at 0743 UTC we were able to leve the motor out, meaning we made it through the calm zone where there is no wind. The wind got stronger yesterday over the day and thus the waves higher causing our boat to be on one side all the time while riding the waves up and down making it uncomfortable to sleep. During the day the wind was constant and so is our sidewards tilt. Makes it difficult to walk around or go to the toilet - and to cook. Nev ertheless we still eat well from all the fresh vegetables and fruits be bought in Praia. Eva seems quite pleased with the food. WE'll see how it goes on, since we soon run out of fresh stuff and have to make food out of canned stuff. I don't know how much longer we'll be on the way, maybe 4-5 days more but I can't wait to arrive on the islands Fernando de Noronha. I am tired of not being able to move around or even relax. Muscles are always working out in order to be able to sit or stand. ...Plus, to be honest, I very much miss the possibility to go out, move, run, dance. More than I thought. Well, soon it'll be over...
If nothing spectacular happens, I might not be blogging tomorow or the day after. Marcus is alway wrinting in the german blog (sail-alita.blogspot.com), so you'll find the current position there. Bye

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  1. Yes, it will be over soon and you'll be so glad you did this! Glad to hear all is well........do some jogging in place when the waves calm down :-) Salsa in place?!!
    I can't wait till you arrive at the islands, too! HAVE FUN!