A quiet day

Ok wind, travelling at about 4-5 knots average. At night in my shift I had to start the engine which then run for 4 hrs. Now we're in position 03°53'N and 026°20,6'W, so we're getting closer to the equator. If we're lucky we make it to the island within a total of 11 days, which was my guess. We'll see. Everybody is well up. I will watch a movie tonight to see something different than just water all day...And laugh.

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  1. Hi, what happened to the 4-5 days till land you mentioned in your last post!? ELEVEN days? Well, I know you're up to it. Glad everybody's doing well and I wish you all the best!
    Am working full time and it's daunting, plus their computer program is Windows 10 and I have Gmail and hate it all! Got to learn it...very VERY different! But, fine.
    have a great trip!