Almost no wind

We're at position 02°21'N and 027°03,7'W today, August 9th, 2012 and slowly moving along course 220. During my night shift around 2 am UTC this morning the wind left and never really came back since. So in an average we're travelling 3,5 knots = 3,5nm an hour and we still have about 500nm to go. The weather forecast says it's going to stay like that for another day. The advantage is of course it's a lot calmer, a beautiful day and Eva's and my stomach can relax a bit and take a break from the waves.So my predicting of arriving on sunday might even fail, it could be monday or, even worse, tuesday. At least we still have enough food and Marcus is already trying to catch a new fish since we had a fish free day yesterday. For the four days before that Marcus and Eva were working on eating the big Mahi Mahi before it got bad. I stick to vegetables so far.
Since it's so quiet last night watched 2,5 movies in my night shift. A good way to stay awake and get some input of "life" since nothing is happening here ;-)
I am very much looking forward to reaching the island(s) of Fernando de Noronha. About 1500 Dolphins live there! It's a world natural preserve and only 475 tourists are allowed per day on the island. I hope we are allowed to stay there at the anchorage in the north (meaning I pray that the daily limit of people is not reached yet). I need the break before going on and Eva can't wait to eat italian ice cream which supposedly they offer there. It's all very exclusive there, only the richest of Brazilians can afford to travel there. And now is already main season. We'll see.

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