Saturday, 4..2012, 4th day on the Atlantic

Today, thank god, is a calm day. Our current position is 10°12,1'N and 023° 35,5'W. Yesterday was anything but clm. A low pressure area hit us directly and gave us the gift of wind up to 34knots, waves at the highest point up to 4m and pouring rain so strong that Alita is clean now. Actually this whole scene was the washing of Alita. In regular intervals the waves broke over the boat and the rain washed it clean again. As a side effect Marcus and I, who alternatively were outside, also got showered in the rain and sometimes from the waves pushing water into the cockpit. 3 sets of clothes from me were drained. Just as I put a new short pants on a wave said "great, needs to be cleaned" and here she came. Well, I am happy it is calm again. The day (which started around midnight the night before and lasted til about midnight last night) was tough, mostly because Marcus and I did not get much sleep, Marcus less than me cause I had to call him 3 times. For a couple of hours we even brought the boat into a stable position (beigedreht) and we were all inside to wait til the near storm goes over. We held the position until I saw a freighter coming directly towards us. We set the sail and made it just in time to get away. That's why we always keep a position watching out for ships. Today we've seen I think number 7.
Since today we feel like eating again (crew is well up)Marcus caught us a huge Mahi Mahi fish. Eva helped him. I was just in the preparation of lunch. I will post a picture once we're online again in Brazil....
Bye, til tomorrow.

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