Good-bye Kap Verde

Our guest Eva arrived well last night. The first adventure was to get here to he boat. I was supposed to pick them up with the Dinghi at a little pier of the gas station but that was closed. In the end they had to go over 3 fisherboats to get to my Dinghi. We had a dinner, talked a bit and then went to bed very late. Eva is very nice and we'll have a great time the next three weeks. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving, make a short stop in the next bay to take a good-bye swim and off we go. First stop are the islands Fernando de Noronha, about 3 days of sailing away from Brazil mainland. We'll stay there 1-3 days and then go on.
We will not have internet connection til we reach Brazil, but we will be able to enter posts on our blogs most days of the trip via radio. AS you already know we try to blog daily with current position and happenings of the day.
Talk to you soon!

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