We safely arrived in the harbour of Praia. It was a beautiful sailing trip over to here, 4,5 hours. Great wind, beautiful water, we sailed at average 6 knots. we really enjoyed this trip. Only the harbour here is not so beautiful, but calm water thanks to the newly built wave breaker.
Just before it gets dark I will bring Marcus to the shore. He'll catch a taxi, go to the airport and pick up Eva, our first guest on this route. I will prepare a light dinner and a tropical welcome drink in the meantime and then go back to the shore with the Dinghi when they are back. Tomorrow Marcus will do the exit procedure and then Eva and I will go for the grocery shopping to fill up our stock for the longer trip. And then: off we go.
I really enjoyed the two days in Maio and was able to get some energy from swimming, playing in the waves and wonderful italian food (I stocked my stomach up with PIZZA) so I felt really great on the trip today. I bought an extra Pizza to go, half of it is already in my stomach, the second half will be there soon as well ;-). Amazing how Pizza can heal your body ;-))
Have a great day everyone!
Happy Michaela

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