On the Atlantic

This is our first day of the trip over the Atlantic. We lifted the anchor at 1125 UTC and first went araound the corner to get a last short swim. Just as we (Eva and I) were on board again Marcus put his fishing ropbe out and after 3 Min had a tuna! That was our carb provision for the day, we ate it for lunch with salad (and some raw when Marcus was preparing the fish after catching it).
The wind left us 4 hrs later and now we're under motor, probably for the next 2-3 day. We're in the intertropical convergence zone (ITC) where there is no wind. We left the zone of the north east passat winds and are entering the zone of the south east passat winds once we leave the ITC. Our position now at 1817 UTC is 14°19,5 N and 023°40'W. It is already overcast and will be raining soon I guess. In the ITC it rains a lot. Bye til tomorrow.

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  1. So, you're finally OFF TO BRAZIL! So exciting for you. I"m very glad you enjoy Eva's company.
    I'll certainly keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.....can't wait to hear more!
    Have a fantastic time!