Waterphotos from Alita

This morning I jumped into the water with my waterproof camera and took some pictures of Alita here. Enjoy!
Too bad today no turtle has passed by so far. Yesterday it was so cute when we were sitting here for breakfast all of a sudden I heard "pfffff". I turned my head and there was this (smaller) turtle (about 50cm/ 1,5ft) long swimming next to our boat. She caught some air about 3 times and then left.....Reminded us of th epoor turtle that we had unintentionally turned around on our way to Santa Luzia. Tha was a huge turtle, at least 1.5m long and to me with her eyes wide open cause the poor thing didn't know whathad happened to her, she looked like an ice bear, the way it was paddeling through the water with its white fur....I felt so bad. It had gotten too close to the boat and the swell had turned it around. Poor thing.

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