Santa Luzia

Here are some pictures of the non inhabited island of Santa Luzia. One sailboat, one dinghi and one pair of footsteps. All from us. Unfortunately it was so windy there, too cold and the sea too unruly that I wanted to sail on. The trip was not very easy being sick, but we made it. 36 hrs hours later we reached paradise. See next blog entry. We'll stay here until I completely recover and got the chance to enjoy the beautiful water.

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  1. Santa Luzia is an awesome island! I always take some time to research about the places you are. A good source is wikipedia to get an overview about geography, history and geology of the place you are. Santa Luzia is very dry and of volcanic origin I learned, good that you carry your own water.
    I wish you good recovery and a relaxed time there. Your friend Conny