Boavista at Sal Rei - a little paradise

We arrived here in this beautiful part of the earth this morning at 6 a.m. UTC (5a.m. local time). We had already partyl taken the sails down before to sail a bit slower so we would come here when it's not dark anymore. Well, we arrived when the first light showed up at the sky. Thanks to our sonar we were ok to not run into any reef. We're one of 5 boats here in the south anchorage place of Sal Rei. Soo beautiful. I can go swimming right from the boat. This is what I was looking for. Pure paradise. I pray the wind does not change and we can stay here for a week so we can relax and get lots of energy.  
Marcus made us a wonderful dinner with fresh fish from the fishermen here. That hepls me recover from the trip to here. I'll write more in the next days.

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