Ilha Santa Luzia

At 1745 UTC we had finished our anchor manouver here in the beautiful bay in the south west of the Island Santa Luzia at position 16°45,3'N and 024°45,6'W. We travelled 20,9nm from Midelo with a wonderful wind bringing us here. We are the only boat here, the island is not inhabited. We have not set foot ashore yet but will do so tomorrow. Too bad I cannot send pictures, but I will try to describe which beauty we see. We're in the middle of a about 4km long bay with nearly white sand in front of dark red/brown lava hills with some lava rocks lying around. In the two valleys between the lava hills grow some small but wide trees. Seems like once in a while water runs through there in a little stream, cause that's the direction you find that litte green from in the valley down to the beach. The island is said to be home to some animals like birds and apes. I wonder however what they would live of. From here it looks like there is no life at all, but I am sure when we get to the land we will see lots of life. We're about 300m off the shore, the water is 14m deep here, green-blue. Only directly at the shore the water is turcoise. We have (thank god) little swell (small waves) coming from the south breaking at the beach so we lay here comparatively calm, the waves softly rocking us. Once in a while some bigger waves come in and break quite nice on the beach, which looks great from here, cause the wind comes from the other direction and the top of the breaking water gets blown back like hair. To the right of us there is a little rock offshore, probably beautiful under the water with the fish living there.
Marcus has programmed our position guard, just to make sure we wake up in case the anchor does not hold. But we tested it very well. I put the motor on full speed backwards but we did not move against the anchor. So I guess we can sleep well after we ate our beef from the grill that we are making now (test of our BBQ). Good night.

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