I just finished reading a book again from Sergio Bambaren (Das weisse Segel). He is my favourite author and his books were part of the inspiration I received that made me want to go on this trip. This process had started a long time ago and it took a couple of years to grow inside me. Actually the very beginng was a book that my dear friend Cornelia had given me many years ago for my birthday. It's called "Traunmfänger" written by Marlo Morgan (I don't know th eoriginal english title). A beautiful book about leaving all the values you think are important behind and learn to live by your heart, to love your family and friends and yourself more than anything money can buy. To love and treasure the nature, relax your mind with all the beauty that god has created.
Sitting here on the boat in the sunset I grow happier every day that I started this trip with an indefinite end. Of course I miss things from home, like friends, sports etc., but the soul finally gets a rest from all the hectic, that is especially known in my life, which has always been tacted, used and loved in every second. I have been ill a lot and unfortunately I am now, but I feel this will be the last time. My body will find the peace it is longing for and will be able to recover completely. A big role in this whole thing of course plays Marcus. To be able to live your dream with your loved one, who not only is a wonderful man but also the best Skipper where I don't have to fear anything, is an unbelievable luck. And not to forget that by buying this beautiful boat a year ago to live his dream our dream together became possible before we even knew each other. He bought the boat at a time when my feeling and wish to set sails around the world grew stronger and stronger. hen I made the ocean licenses last year I never wanted to leave the boat again. Maybe Marcus already played a role then, without u knowing it. He was my first teacher and two weeks later I again had a tour with him, but at that time I did not even think of anythin between us. That was so far away. When I joined him on Alita in November last year to bring the boat to the Canary Islands it was just help for him and miles for me. But during the trip an unknown trust grew between the two of us. A change in my life and person started.
And now we're here, on the water, living our dream. Thanks to all our families and friends, who by their support make this all possible! I especially thank my brother for organizing all my thing at home and all my family and friends who so kindly offered me help and shelter, should I wish to come home for a couple of days Zwinkerndes Smiley Emoticon
By writing this I hope I can at least send home some positive energy for you all to go and live your dreams!

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  1. Sehr sehr schöne Worte, Michaela, die ich zum Teil gut nachfühlen kann... Alles Liebe weiterhin Euch beiden bei der Erfüllung Eures gemeinsamen Traumes!