Geographic Harbor

We arrived here two days ago. We were promised a lot of bears, visible from the boat at land and close. We have seen 4 so far here, and even with my 450mm lens they are small in the picture. But, we have seen some. And I have to admit the weather is not behind us right now, it's raining. It has been since yesterday. Today we moved Alita to a spot where we can see the bear beaches a bit better and saw a mom And its young one. So very cute! Despite the rain we took the Dinghy and went closer, the mud flat however forced us to some distance. The bears seem to only come out at low tide here hoping to find some food at the beach. Haven't seen or caught any Salmon yet. We're short of protein :-). No meat, no fish. Marcus went fishing yesterday, no luck. So we're eating vegetarian. I took a photo of bear mama with grass in her mouth today. So cute.

At least the rain gives me opportunity to work on my photos.
Because of rainy and windy weather we'll be here another 2 days.

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