Moving on

We left Fox Bay at 9am this morning and sailed 100nm esst along the beautiful snowy mountain coast. At our anchorage we took the Dinghy ashore and walked a bit. The first thing we saw was bear footprints on the beach. A paw is about my shoe size! A bit scary. We are equipped with a bell (cow bell that my friend gave me when I first left in 2012 that now has a use), bear spray and flares. We also carry emergency kit should we have to stay on land because the bears sleeps at our Dinghy, out Sat Phone and my 7mm neoprene suit + hat + gloved should a bear kill our Dinghy so that I can swim back aboard and get the kajak tor picking up the others. Tomorrow early in the morning we leave this place to sail another 140nm east to "Geographic harbor". This is supposed to be bear heaven. You can sit on the boat and watch bears all day long. We will also walk on land. The bears are used to people there. Unfortunately we will meet the first "land" tourists who a brought there by boat. Because of some bad weather coming up we will be there for about a week, so I finally get a rest. The weather today was gorgeous, though more wind than expected which was good for sailing. Later in the day the clouds started moving in. I guess it can't be sunshine and blue sky the whole time :-)

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