Geographic Bay

The night before we left our last anchorage a Muse (Elk) swam through the bay to the other side. Focussed and chilled. So fun to watch. And that was just after watching a bear touring the beach. We had a 2-day and one night good sail/ motoring north-east from that anchorage to Geographic Harbor, where we are at now and will be for about a week because of weather. This is THE place to watch bears. As we had just dropped anchor a little Dinghy motor boat came with some photographers and their 600 and 800mm lenses on board. Din't know where they are staying over night. But, no bear here so far. Ok, we saw one. As we approached the bay here we had a welcoming by whales and sea otters. So so very cute. It was a bit hazy, but nice weather and we just had a midnight super beautiful sunset in the calmest water. Flat calm, a perfect mirror, which is great if you're anchored underneath high mountains reflecting in the waters....Soso beautiful here. Good night.

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