Kukak Bay

We moved on to Kukak Bay, a couple of miles northeast of our last anchorage and right across from Kodiak Island. After breakfast (which by time is usually brunch) we want to go for a walk along the beach knowing this is the time the bears go for a walk.
The weather has not been great the last days as two lows passed through. Out in the strait the sun is shining today, it's overcast here at the anchorage in the fjord as the clouds cling to the mountains. We have a view to an existing glacier, Halo Glacier, which was lit up in blue yesterday. That was a phenomenon I had never seen before. I guess because there was some blue sky behind the glacier and thick clouds towards our direction the blue got reflected onto the glacier. It was soso beautiful. The clouds slowly gave way to some blue sky for a while where the blue was extraordinary intense, maybe because it was mixed with the grey from some of the dissipating clouds. That was the highlight of the last two days. This morning is calm with no wind so far making the water in the bay a flat mirror.

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