Day 7

Last morning at 4.30 we started motoring because the wind was gone. Later that morning we finally took even the main sail down as it was only flapping and that's bad for the sail and the rigging. The sea calmed down more and more to an almost flat sea this afternoon. It was a hazy cloud covered day, very mystical and I n its way beautiful. At around 4.30 Severin and I went for a short swim- where the water was 5000m deep and 15 degrees celcius cold (59F). The water was the clearest and most amazing blue we have ever seen. You could see the real color just when you're in the water. The color was like a bright shining and clear sapphire, just an amazing blue that's hard to describe. I will never forget that. And it was cold, very cold. Funny though I had no problems going in. I just got down the ladder and in. Brr. It felt like going into the ice box after the sauna. Needless to say we did not stay in it very long, maybe 3 minutes. Just enough that Marcus could capture it on vi
Just before that adventure we saw a pot of dolphins, but they never came up to us. And afterwards I saw a whale in the distant - first the back, then a huge blow, then the tail and the blow and back again. Wonder what kind it was. The blow was higher than the one from our Tonga humpback whales.
Also we still see birds every day. It is kind of nice to not be alone here and yet enjoy the peace and quietness before the storm.
Looks like we will ride out the front and then shoot up with the strong winds from the low pressure system. It's gonna be cold with all this wind from behind :-)
Ever day we're already putting on more clothes. We're all to long pants, warmer shirts and fleece sweater, at night even a jacket. Just for that swimming moment in the afternoon it was ok because there was no wind.
So, one more day of "relaxing" motoring and then the ride begins. We're half way up by now and all well up and positive.

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