Day 4

After a very quiet afternoon yesterday, night and morning the wind and sea picked up again boosting us additional 3 knots in speed.
This is probably the last passage we do with Alita as she is for sale and we already have possible customers who want her earlier than we wanted to give her away. We just put a sale note on the website and haven't publicly put her on sale yet as we knew she'd sell rather quick. Our plan was to at least sail her to my second home, LA, but that might not happen. Alita is just too perfect a boat - especially with all the additions and changes we made- to let her slip through your fingers once you found her. It will be hard for us to let her go. But, we need to go earn money and then look for the next project that is suitable for us to do the north west passage and sail in Europe.

So Alita and the weather joined their forces to at least give us the best possible ride to Alaska, where we're gonna spend the next 4 months and then head over to Canada.

We're all well up, the sun's out again since we're in the next high and we were very lucl so far to not have had to motor yet.

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