Day 5

So far so good. We've got 1/3rd of the trip to Alaska behind us.We're in the high pressure system with 1031hPa, the wind is about to die on us. The tough part is lying ahead of us. There seems to be a bad cold front coming in in 2-3 days and we need to decide pretty soon now if we ride it and then ride ahead of the low that's behind it or sit and wait for 2 days trying to stay away from the front and the low but then we'd have northerlies behind it which is against our direction and we don't know what's coming behind. In that area up there there's a low passing through about every 3 days. It's a matter of luck how bad it hits you, depending on where you are and how low (in terms of latitude) the low comes. Let's just hope for the best. What's coming up is not really dangerous, but possibly very uncomfortable.
If you have more information about the front and the low pls send via E-Mail. Out current position is 35deg29,5N and 163deg14,8W

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