all good

Just to let you know: it seems Ella has changed her mind and has already weakened. No cyclone will come our way. Also looks like we'll be stuck in Minerva for the next 10 days until a nice weather window comes our way. The next one, the day after tomorrow, is too short and we would have to bang against wind and waves again. So we decided to spend another couple of calm days here. The wind should drop tomorrow and thus the waves hitting the reef and coming over the reef making a bit rolly here at anchorage at high tide and halfway to low tide. Last night after cleaning, cooking and dinner we had a nice glass of beer and wine and quickly rolled away into sleep. Today we were busy with a nice breakfast, bread baking, and more cleaning (getting all the salt off) as well as washing the clothes which had gotten all salty during the trip up here. Then we went for a walk on the reef where we met our neighbours and we invited ourselves over to them for sundowner. Haha. That's where we're heading to soon once bread and my Obatz'der are ready. So all good, thanks for prayers.

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