Minerva, Minerva

We've been here 4 days now, longer than I have ever been here before. Everyone else has left yesterday afternoon, we're enjoying the reef to ourselves. After a long series of thunderstorms passing through yesterday morning 4am to about 9am yesterday became the first calm day. What a treat it was to finally not be rocking and rolling day and night. What you have to know is that the reef, which is an average of 500m wide, submerges up to 1m under water at the high point of high tide. That means that the waves can flow over into the atoll. That added with a wind wave to the high winds we had gave quite a rolly experience even with light cross seas at anchor. But this is all still better than being out there in those conditions and we got used to it. That's why most boaties stop here on the way up to Tonga and Fiji. So yesterday it turned quiet for a couple of hours, the water in the atoll being flat calm. As soon as the rain stopped and some sun came out in front of the rain clouds Charly had to go out and explore. We got some amazing shots yesterday and also today. It wasn't as calm anymore, but more sunshine. Just amazingly beautiful.
Else we're busy with repair jobs, cleaning, baking bread and Brez'n, cooking, daily walks on the reef, snorkeling, hunting lobster at night and photography. I need to start assembling a movie and tomorrow I want to go back to making music. Last night we went out on the reef from 3.30am to 5.30am. While Marcus successfully brought back a big lobster (we just had an awesome dinner) I tried moonlight long time exposure photography and am stunned by the outcome. I got some just amazing shots. You would never guess this was taken during the night if it weren't for the stars in the blue sky. And I had a cool idea which I tried and mastered. You will see the outcome once we are in Tonga and have internet.
To my stepmom: Z, I have a super surprise for you which I created last night!
So, you see, we're busy and happy and healthy and don't mind spending another week or so here until the weather is right to leave. Until then we plan more night huntings for lobster and pictures and everything else that keeps us busy. What a luxury to not be on a schedule at the moment as long as we're checked into Tonga by May 31st when my brother arrives. FUN.

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