So today another passenger boarded. The only thing he does not know where we are going and it will be far away from his home, family and friends. And he does not speak the language of the others in Tonga. That little singing bird does not know what he is up to, but he would have died had he not found us. Just tonight I thought about the bird we rescued in Brazil and brought to land from 50 miles out and I wondered if this could happen here as well. And there he is. We guess that his home is Raoul Island in the Kermedec Islands, 74nm east of here, against the wind. I feel so sorry for him. He will most probably not survive because he will try to fly away and it won't get him anywhere. He already tried to fly away once today after he had a rest but came back. Right now he is flying around here downstairs. I already had him back out but he came back in since he saw we're always going down here. I put him some food and water outside, I hope he will take some. Poor sweet little guy. We can't go against the wind to bring him home. We would loose our weather window and it would put us at hardship with the weather. So he'll die on the way or start a new life in Tonga. If only I could change that. He already made me so happy today, changed my mindset from hanging in there to cheerful because I got this little guy to look after. He is now sitting on a hatch curtain. PLease pray for the little one to survive. The only problem with having him on board: he poos everywhere...
update 2 hrs later: You won't believe where I just found birdie: on Marcus' pillow while Marcus is sleeping there. He is just 10 cm away from Marcus' head! So cute, he seems to like Marcus.

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