Minerva Reef

We safely made it to Minerva Reef. It took us a bit more than a day of beautiful sailing. Winds averaging at 10 knot and wave of mainly around 0,5m made it a comfortable ride. The crew is well up, we just had breakfast. Minerva Reef has no island. It is just the rim of an underwater crater, where the reef grows. This round reef gives nice protection to almost all winds or better to say protection against the waves created by the wind. That's why may cruisers stop here on their way to New Zealand. It breaks the whole trip down to more bearable distances and gives a nice shelter to wait for the next weather windwow for heading south.
Yesterday Marcus caught a nice size Mahi Mahi, which serves us for 2 dinners (we already had one; yummy). Around noon yesterday we passed by Duende and this morning State of Mind passed by us just before the entry to the reef. Nice to travel with friends. WE expect Duende to arrive here in the early afternoon.

I heard that it's not easy to find Minerva Reef in Google earth. If you want to see it, try to enter our position.
Here is our position: 23degrees 39,5min S and 178degrees 54,1min W

I'll keep you informed about the date/time of finally heading towards New Zealand. Might be a couple of days until we leave here.


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