South Minerva

Yesterday morning we changed our anchorage to South Minerva. ON the way to here Marcus caught 2 fish: one small yellow fin tuna and a big Mahi Mahi. This reef here, like North Minerva, is another paradise. The bluest and clearest water I have ever seen. It is cooler here down south and I actually enjoy that. Even the cooler water to me is way more comfortable ;-)
Tonight we'll have a last sundowner with State of Mind in the middle of nowwhere, Fish&Chips with our catch of the day. It seems that tomorrow our 5-6 days tripü to New Zealand starts. Warm cloths and heavy duty rain wear are prepared...

I will send our positions from under way probably every second day.
OUr position now: 23deg 56,6minS and 179deg 06,6min W

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