Leaving Tonga

So the time has come. In about 2hrs we'll leave Tonga and sail to Minerva Reef.
Crew is prepared (Marcus is sailing with: me, Anna and Martina), food is pre-cooked and vegetables pickled, 2 bread-cakes are still warm/ in the oven, boat is cleaned...So we are ready to leave now. Will inform you about our progress. The weather looks good, light wind and low sea. We'll have to sail on a hard reach ( hart am wind).
Our friend on Duende left this morning, we should pass him tomorrow. State of Mind will leave shortly after us but probably be a bit faster. It's a good feeling though to know we have friends close. Hopefully we pass Duende during daylight so we can take more pictures and movies of each other.
So long, talk to you soon

Michaela, about to jump into the water for a last swim

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