Due to bad internet connection this is all I can send for the moment.
Just to undermine my last blog entry.....More pix will follow hopefully
in Vitoria.

Tomorrow morning we leave this beautiful town of Caravelas again and
head towards the Aprolhos. Rocky islands about 70km way from the coast
here, a natural preserve where you need permission to go there and very
restricted as well. Hope we can at least snorchel, It is said to be VERY
beautiful there. And we expect to see many whales. We're in a high
density whale area at the moment. ...From the Aprolhols we head for
Vitoria where we should arrive tuesday. Can easily be that you don't
hear from me in the meantime.
Marcus is just writing a blog entry as well, so don't forget to also
check out the german blog.

Finally: special thanks to Sven for his wonderful guestbook entry in the
english blog! We're happy he enjoyed Alitania so much.

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  1. Hi Micha and Marcus and all friends of Alita and Oceans,
    the whales seem to be humpback whales (german: Buckelwal). I asked a biologist friend of me and did some investigations. Here you find useful information:
    You were lucky to meet them - congratulations !!
    Greetings Conny