On sunday evening we finally left Morro for good. The wind and the direction still were not optimal, but we had to leave some time.

We headed for Ilhéus but stopped for the afternoon and night at Ilha do Goió and Ilha do Campinho (town Saphino), all located in the Baia do Camamú. The anchorage is right in bewteen the two islands. A beautiful place on this earth. White sand beach as always, mangorves into the water and palm trees (planted by humans after killing natural trees and mangroves). The night was probably the most quiet night we ever had. The river flat, no wind, no noise whatsoever.

Tonight we're at anchor in front of the Yacht Club of Ilhéus, the third biggest city of Bahía. There is no noise, but the harbour is not protected very well so we will be rolling all night. But that does not keep us from sleeping...

After the first 5 hrs of motoring today we finally had a nice sailing day. The wind finally changed the direction and we were able to sail down 40-50° against the wind without tacking. We had tacked already under motor 3 times before that....Thank god the waves were very low, so it was a clam, fast sail. The sail that we all like.

While enjoying it in the afternoon, Whales showed up again. Twice. The first time close enough to take some few pictures with my long lense. Got the tail finally!!! The second time I was alone on deck, the sun slowly moving down, warm sunlight, I enjoyed music and sang. All of a sudden I saw something big in the horizon and was a stonished where all of a sudden the ship came from as I was constantly scanning the horizon and would have noticed a ship before. Then I realized it was not a ship but huge splashes and huge wales throwing themselves around. They jumped up high and twisted like I had only seen it from the dolhins in Noronha before. I was stunned. Too far away to take a picture with the camera, but not far enough to not take pix with my inner eye...It was so beautiful to watch them do their sunset Ballett -Fitness-Workout.

Ahh, I almost forgot to mention: Marcus caught 2 fish today, which served as a dinner: a tuna and a macrele. Not very big, just enough for one dinner. About 1,2 kg. As always Marcus prepared the fish wonderfully, today on the BBQ.

Bonne nuit. Michaela

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  1. wales THROWING THEMSELVES AROUND!? WHat a sight that must be! Actually coming out of the water?
    I wish you'd been closer but I'm glad you got to take these pictures with your mind's eye!

    ENJOY ENJOY! zabelle