Cabo Frio

What a ride. We had some wonderful sailing days since we left Caravelas.
We went to the Abrolhos, where we saw many whales (abrolhos is for
whales what Fernando de Noronha is for Dolphins, just that whales don't
come close). After one night there we went on to Vitoria, where we met
or french friends again and stayed one night. Now we traveled a bit more
than a day past oil fields and two more whales first to a bay in Búzios
for a couple of hours of sleep at anchor (arrived at midnight and left
at 8am) and continued to Cabo Frio, where we are moored at a Iate Clube
Rio de Janeiro do Cabo Frio. We'll stay here 2-3 nights and then
continue the ride to Rio where we will arrive on the 15th around noon
hopefully. Depending on the weather forecast we have to leave here
saturday afternoon or sunday morning.
Tonight or tomorrow I'll post the whole story and finally PICTURES.

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