Another day goes by

was just listening to that song from Dakota Moon while cooking, singing and dancing in front of the stove at position 22°09,65'N and 020°26,3'W just west of the border between Western Sahara and Mauretania, at 16:56 UTC. Today was the most beautiful day so far. I feel fine, Marcus is recovering. It was warmer today. When Marcus awoke from his shift sleep at 11 a.m. UTC we took the Genua down and the Spinnaker up. That was my sports for the day. I am usually the one on the winch. And trust me, it takes forever to winch the sails up to 16m height. Fitness-Studio right there. Just as this beautiful water blue and white sail was up and we started gliding smoother through the waves I had a wonderful happy feeling that dolphins would show up. I went down to make breakfast for Marcus when he shouted down: dolphins!!! Of course I let the breakfast be and jumped up. Here they were, 4 small dolphins starting the play with the boat. They are so cute, when they glide through the water, turning around, changing sides in front of the boat. I hope I can upload the little video I made somewhere. I just went to the front of the boat, sat down and enjoyed to be part of the game and soooo close, I could have touched them when Alita made the touch downs on the front waves. I saw this beautiful smile on their faces. They played with us for about 10 minutes and then disappeared as fast as they showed up. THAT of course makes my day! Now we'll enjoy the dinner I cooked (vegetable soup) in the sun going down. Tonight I have the first night shift and will enjoy all the sparkling water in the sunset and moonrise. We have traveled 452nm so far so a little bit more than half the passage. I expect to arrive thursday afternoon or friday morning, depending on the wind. It is getting less. Good bye, til tomorrow.

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