Re: Lava flow

I had a little fun with this shot....I didn't realize how many of my photoshop skills went to shit until I decided what I wanted to do to this image!!

Quoting Micha <smh@smichah.de>:

Boy today we went to the lava flow. Take the car as far as possible, then rent a bike to ride 2,5 miles and then hike up to the lava field hoping you don't step in fresh fresh lava. That place is crazy and dangerous. No security. But lots of people go and find their way, about 50% take a guided tour which is smart. And most people go in the dark. There is no path, you find you way over cold lava which gets warmer and warmer until you reach the fresh flow. Amazing! But starting the descent I was gazing at this lava flow instead of looking where I go. So I fell holding on to my tripod where my camera was still mounted on. Thank god a lady had her first aid kit with her, roughly cleaned the wound and gave me band aid. 2 later at home (over 1 hr hike down, 15 min bike ride to car, 45min drive home) I cleaned the wound. It took me about 1 hr to get all the little lava pieces out of the wound. It's like glass. Ouch. Hope it heals well without infection. So no swimming for me in the next many weeks!

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