Gotta love Hawai'i

2ft snow on Volcano Mauna Kea is rare. Some decent snow left after re-opening the "road" (only for 4x4) even more rare. And that snow on Christmas even more rare. So half the island drove up 13758ft to enjoy the snow and take just a little (😁 = a trunk full) home. And yes, surfing boogie bords also can be used for sliding down the snow. And why not set up a beach chair on top of the snow in your truck and party? People drove up there like they usually go to the beach. Open the trunk, turn the music on, set up the picknic, bring out beach chairs (next to car or on the snow in the trunk). A big big party. So fun!!!

 THIS day and snow craziness will remain in my head forever.

Gotta love Hawaii.

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