Mission completed

Time goes by quickly. The week here in NZ is over. A week where home seemed far away, where we would get up at 7 and go to work on the boat returning sometime between 5 and 6pm, a week living on our lovely friend's boat because Alita is under construction, where peeing in a bucket or bottle is preferred over a 7 min (one way!) walk to the bathroom, where cold food or a microwaved soup (in the 🛥yard's employee's rooom for breaks) is better than no food - to make it short: a week back at simple boat life. Different, enjoyable, meeting new people...

I can happily announce that we did manage to finish the template for the new Permatek-deck- 2 days of work hoping I don't mess up. I think it turned out well- let's see what tue guys make out of it.

Also it took us 3 days to take the old masking (Abgeklebter Schutz aller Bootsteile) of the boat off (over 2 days work) and put new one on. It was used for Sandblasting and then all the primer paint jobs. Now it is on for the next paint job and will have to be replaced for each layer- at least another 3 times! Poor Marcus.

Leaving for Shanghai tomorrow and then in to Munich.

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