Back and gone

Well well, it has been 8 months since I last saw Alita. 8 long months working in Germany, living at home, seeing family and friends. When I am at home all the sailing seems so far away, but when I am here near Alita it is as if I have never been gone. 
I left Alita in New Caldeonia, a beautiful boat in crystal clear beautiful water. In the following pictures you see what I came back to: Alita in a tent without rigging, without her beautiful deck and a strange color. What happened? Rust started to build under the bad paint job that originally came with the boat. And on top of that paint job was our deck glued on. In order to get to the rust everything had to be taken down. Marcus has worked super hard (and still is) to get all the deck off (6 days straight of hammering it off!) and do all the other hard work that comes with this year's renovation. I have been here for 3 days now crawling on my knees and bending down and already my body (especially back) hurts but all I have done is take the masking off (all the protection covers on the deck) (mostly by scratching many hours on small parts) and put new one on today. So all my respect to Marcus who never complains and just does this hard work despite the whole body aching and the missing of feeling in the fingers now. 

Tomorrow or friday we will have to cut a  template for the new deck which will be made in Germany with material from England (Permatek). It will look gorgeous. 

Inside Alita also had some refits like e.g. new upholstery in happy color. Pictures will follow once the Alita is finished in december. 

On saturday I will fly home to work until december. Marcus will join me in september and beginning of december we'll both be back and a new long episode of our travels will start. The tour: around NZ, then Tonga and then ??? until we finally reach Alaska in May / June of 2018. 

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  1. Looks like a lot of hard work! Good to hear an update. We look forward to seeing you back in NZ