Last days in Fiji

The weather forecast made us stay here in Fiji a little bit longer. This gave us the opportunity to enjoy the reunion with our sailing friends a little bit longer. The days and evenings here as Musket Cove have been filled with laughter, friendship, coffee/tea and lots of food and drinks on shore at the BBQ sessions or on one of the boats. we have celebrated birthdays and tomorrow we'll celebrate „good-bye". Good by to Fiji (we might leave on monday), good-bye between us, as we're all going different directions as of monday and for me good-by to the sailing life for a while, as I will be leaving Marcus and Alita for a while going home on august 9th for some work. Unfortunately I have an offer I can't decline and it makes is possible to follow our original plan to sail to Alaska next year!
Of course I am sad I am leaving, but it's only for some time, I can be back for the trip from Vanuatu to New Zealand via New Caledonia mid Oct/Nov and I will be happy to see my family and friends at home and some on the way home.
I promise I will keep on writing stories about our trip so that you don't have to miss reading the blog.

Here at Musket Cove there is a sandbank where the tourist boats come every day to feed the fish and enjoy the funny little guys. If you go there at low tide, about an hour before the boats come, you enjoy the little guys all to yourself. They even start picking on you hoping to get some bread. That is so cute! There are unbelievably many fish! I went back there every day, just to see the fish. It's like swimming in an aquarium tank full of the most colourful and playful little and bigger fish. Trigger fish, seargent fish, Nemos, squid, snapper, parrot fish, today an eagle ray and many more. Just so much fun.

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