Fiji - Draveuni, Mamanucas

We have only two more days in Fiji which will be filled with seeing our friends and party at Musket Cove. We're in Denerau, have done grocery shopping and Marcus is still in the odysee of trying to get Vanuatu money which we need for the immigration there. This turns out harder than it is. Most don't have the money and if they don't have it they don't want to give it to you unless you're customer at the bank or can prove where you get the cash from that you want to change and prove that you are really going to Vanuatu (flight ticket or boat papers). Marcus is now on the way on his 3rd attempt to this bank to get the money changed. We don't know if he succeeds. because everytime he gets there with what they asked for the ask for something new. I expect that we leave the dock in less than an hour, get diesel and head out to paradise. 

I still owe you the story of Faulanga, I hope I find the time to write it at night. 

Here are some more pictures of our lovely experience in Fiji: 

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