Being in Savusavu we use the time doing some work - and relaxing.
Here are our workplaces:

Mine Marcus'

Marcus repaired the part of the watermaker that stopped working in Minerva Reef, I did some sewing work: rain covers (I already posted the pictures), handbag (not for the boat ;-) ), some repairs, a pull-up sytem for the mosquito net at the gangway and so on. Now we can't think of any more enhancements. Hmmm. I love the new sewing machine but now I can't think of anything to sew anymore….;-)

So, the time has come to do my tax declaration ;-)

Today the police walking music band came walking through the main street - a parade against crime in Savusavu. The parade ended in a little park close to here, where they have a little fair now for 4 days. Pictures will follow tomorrow. The music band was really great and FUNNY.

They made a cool show every time they stopped. All the people laughed. Typical and sweet like in polynesia: they don't take things so serious, that is such a great concept. This is the first time I saw a band having fun, laughing, dancing and playing great music at the same time! So it turns out to be some fun here in Savusavu, always some action. On saturday the navy band played in front of the market, they made great music. And I love live music. In think the Navy ship leaves on friday, we'll see.

So long.

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