USNS Mercy

For a couple of days now the USNS Mercy has been here with lots of US navy and some Australian navy on board. They cruise around the pacific with lots of doctors on board and go to remote places to give medical help. They bring doctors on land and try to treat as many as possible on land. When they find people who need more help they bring them aboard this gigantic hospital ship and treat them there. I have already seen hundreds of people being shipped back and forth. What a nice thing for the people here. The lines are long. The washing lady says this is the first time they have come here. She would like to have her knee checked, but she can't, she has work to do. Her husband died a year ago. So these days Savusavu is full with the people from the helping boat, mostly navy but also nurses, doctors etc. They all have a day free (different days of course) and and can come to land. Why a boost for the stores here. They probably made the business for a whole year in one week. Especially the „Captain's Cafe" here in the marina. They sold the huge pizzas like crazy. Often the soldiers had ordered a couple of big ones and took them back to the boat. Amazing. From here they continue the journey through the pacific and go to places like Manila. Good work! Oh, the poor guys driving back and forth on the little boats (working there) have to wear long blue overalls, helmet and life vest! Argh. I can barely stand the heat in skirt and T-Shirt.

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