Hector Dolphins

This morning we left Akaroa and sailed to Lyttleton. Leaving Akaroa the same dolphin herd as yesterday showed up at all the tourist boats (there were many of them out there because of the cruise ship „Sun Princess" who came in this morning). We just sailed past. As we left the harbour, a few Hector Dolphins came and I was happy I got one shot. Well, at least I had seen a few. But about 1 hr later some showed up and basically the next 2-3 hrs we constantly had them at our bow and/or stern (an Bug und Heck). So, I got the opportunity to get some decent shots. But, more important, I just sat down at the Bow (Bug) and watched them play with Alita and the waves. What a wonderful experience!

Looking back to Akaroa harbour

May I introduce: HECTOR







 Banks peninsula


Lyttelton harbour 




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