Akaroa, a french town in New Zealand, started by 54 french immigrants who had bought land from the Maoris just before the British signed the contract of Waitangi which added New Zealand to England. 
Beautiful little town with lots of arts. One woman, Josie Martin, bought a house and made her own creativity paradise there by making huge mosaic sculptures. Besides its beauty of being a frenchy town Akaroa will stay in my memory for the dolphins which came into the harbour all the way to the town this morning. Of course we jumped into the Dinghy and I got some nice shots. 
In the pix you will also see Mollyhawks and Albatrosses, which I photographed in the morning when we got here, as well as little blue penguins swimming in the „harbour" (it's acutally a huge bay). This afternoon I needed some work out and walked up the hill for a breathtaking view over the „harbour". Enjoy! Tomorrow we're going on to Lyttleton, closer to Christchurch. 

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  1. Gorgeous photos!
    It was lovely meeting you both last night. I hope you enjoy your stay in Lyttelton Harbour.
    Viki & Andrew :)

    1. Than you for your warm welcome Viki & Andrew. It was great meeting you and we hope to see you soon out there! Now we're in Wellington waiting for the remains of Pam to pass by. All the best! M & M