Fast trip

Hello from my midnight shift. We're already less than 3 days away from New Zealand! Unfortunately the wind is going to die soon - actually it basically already has, but I am (in my shift) still reluctant to start the engine when we're kind of sailing most of the time. But, the wind changes direction and strenth (3-9kn) all the time, constant corrections are necessary. Soon we will have to motor for a day. It's so peaceful out there right now, considering that until early this morning we had strong winds and waves of up to 3m / 10ft) and basically banged our way through the waves. There is nothing like a calm, beautiful day after a rough time, it's a wonderful feeling.
So far this trip has been a 24hrs work out every day. With a constant strong healing to our starbord side you constantly need your muscles to move around and even sit or sleep. The toughest part is cooking in the kitchen - great belly muscle work-out. We're all well up and enjoying the ride. However these last days I did not feel like sitting at the computer downstairs to type. So thankfully Marcus copied his daily status report (which he sends to our friends expecting us in New Zealand and to the ones who left a day before us)to the blog. ALso Marcus helped me out in the kitchen by sharing the cooking.
So, nothing else exciting to report. I probably won't be posting again until we arrive in New Zealand. But the copies of the status reports will continue to be posted so that you can follow where we are.

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