Day 1 of passage

We're a good day out of Fiji now, spirits are up, crew is well up, we're enjoying beautiful weather and a good sailing so far. The first few hours out of the reef were a bit choppy with the waves coming around from the island + wind waves = cross sea. A seasickness pill made me happy and prevented any bad occurances ;-) So all is good, very calm sailing yesterday and now Marucs and I are in the process of preparing a dinner with the Mahi Mahi from yesterday, since yesterday all we were able to do was cook pasta and heat up the pumpkin sauce I had prepared (actually that was Marcus' cooking act yesterday for his crew:-) )I am really happy I finished pre-baking bread yesteday just before we exited the reef. A big group of cute spinner dolphins waved us good-by with playing with the boat and jumping on the sides. Very cute.

Unfortuntately, as predicted, the wind slowed down this morning, so instead of 7-8 knots we're travelling at 5-6 knots, sometimes even 4-5. In our first day we travelled 160nm, an average of almost 7 knots. That's very good, considering that we travelled at 6 knots the first 3 hours within the reef. Our long distance average is 140nm/ day, our maximum so far over the years has ben 210. Tomorrow the wind will pick up again and for about 2 days we expect it to get more uncomfortable, but not really bad and no storms. So, let's keep the fingers crossed that all will remain to be good.

On our website and the german blog you can see our current position each day at noon our time (just in case I once don't feel like writing) (Click on "Where is Alita").

Our current position is: 20deg 54,6S and 176deg 40,2E

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