Christmas and birthday on one day

Yesterday Marcus and I left Rikitea again to head for my favourite swimming and snorkling spot to enjoy the peace there again. We went snorkling in my big "aquarium" yesterday and I went swimming in the morning before we headed off to the airport (20 min drive) to pick up Marcus' friend Sebastian. That for sure is a unique experience. There are not many places in the world where you can pick up people with your boat. That is sooo cool. We "parked" Alita to the right of the little harbour in a nice swimming pool again and wiated for the plane. The plane landed right behind our boat and that made us jump into the Dinghy and drive over to the little harbour, where the ferry was already tied to the pier. Actually the only way to enter the airport is via this pier, so you can only get there with and leave by boat. Sebastian was quite thrilled when he got out of the plane and saw Alita in the water waiting. There was another boat, a catamaran, who picked up visitors as well.

Sebastian had quite a trip to here: 31 hrs from Munich to Papeete, one day there so visit one of the first 5 hot surfing spots in the world and early this morning he left to come here with one short stop-over on another island where they could go to the beach while waiting. Well, he'll be with us for 2 months, so it's worth the trip...At the airport the baggage is being delivered on a table. Very funny. As soon as we were on board Sebastian started to unpack his little bag. Amazing, how much stuff he pulled out of there, about half this bag full of stuff we had ordered and gifts for us. Fishing equipment for Marcus, some spare parts for Alita, a new keyboard for the computer, a new polarizer filter and a lens cap for my camera and, a big and wonderful surprise, Classic Guitar strings and Alita-T-Shirts for all of us: Skipper Marcus, Skiperess Michaela and Prawler (Herumtreiber) Pone. I'll upload pictures when we're back in Rikitea on Friday. I love these shirts, had been wanting to have some made but did not have the time last year to make the design. So this is a wonderful surprise, we're all wearing them right now on our first evening. Next thing we know was Sebastian jumping into the water, the first time in the pacific waters. You should have seen his happy face. While he was in the water I prepared fruits to be able to offer some fresh vitamins. A wonderful day, especially when you have a new guest enjoying the beauty here. Sebastian is especially impressed by the blue colours of the water, no wonder.

From the airport we went back to my favourite anchorage, Sebastian and I went swimming / snorkling a bit and then we had dinner with a wonderfully dramatic sunset. Perfect for a first day of a visitor...Now it's music time. Sebastian changed the strings on the guitar (the ones I had put on were country guitar strings) and is now playing. Now we can be creative to make music with him on the guitar, me playing the echo harp and Marcus has to play the rhythm egg Sebstian also brought with him ;-)...Another happy day in paradise.

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  1. Mika: por favor toma muchas fotos en los spot de surf...que envidia,
    saludos y besos
    Este viaje te eleva cada dia mas el espitiru....