Addition to Iles de Gambier (Nachtrag)

There is something I forgot to write.

On saturday there will be a big ball to the honour of all mothers. "Bal de les meres", including the election of "Miss Maman (45+). Tickets are available at all magasins (little supermarkets) for 25000 CPF (250$)! Only high society in Munich would be able and willing to pay that much to go to a ball and that would require good shows with good bands for the guests to be happy. I wonder what the ball will be like, how the people dress. I am sure everybody goes there. Gaston, the guy who gave me so much of his fruits, told me, that he dances walz - at a ball. So they all learn to dance even classic dance and they do have balls. I was quite surprised. Gaston also plays in one of the three rhythm groups practicing for the dance competition right now - every evening for three hours. Money does not seem to be an issue at this island. On weekends most of the people order pizza - for an average of 12$/pizza.

Talking about Gaston. I did bake a cake with pearsauce (Birnenmus)(there are no apples or pears available) and brought half the cake to my fruit providers - the lady where I got the pomelos from and to Gaston. Youshould have seen their smile. I did not know what else to give them as a thank you, since they have all they need. So I thought putting my time and eneryg into something they cannot buy might be a good idea. I think it was. We of course also had a piece of that cake, delicious. I did not know that you could make fruit cake with a sauce (Mus bzw. Kompott).

Looking back to our last stop I also have to add the rest of the gambier islands we have visited. Each one a little paradise for itself. So on Gambier we had the unique combination of green islands with mountains surrounded by a reef with little sandy islands with palm trees and some other trees and bushes on them. Islands that you had for yourself. Most of them had houses on them though - houses left behind. No one has lived there for years. Except for one, which seems to be inhabited (bewohnt) on the weekends. Islands with big swimming pools in front of them and private aquariums and reefs for fishing. Places to relax.

Now we are heading for many islands/atolls of the Tuamotus, but they will all be flat, just these sandy islands - no island with hills coming up til Tahiti and Bora Bora. But, many swimming pools....
We are sailing quite slow, not too much wind but little wives rocking us around, like always. Yesterday Fritz gave us a lot of food out of his freezer because he had new delivery by boat from Tahiti. We are really loaded with food and especially pomelos now. At least tonight I don't have to cook, we'll enjoy Fritz's lentil soup. Yesterday before we left I cooked cabbage picked in Fritz's garden with bacon, breadfruit and sausage. Good.

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